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Fighting HIV and AIDS

This paper explores a potential treatment for HIV and how similar drugs could be rolled out.

A light blue cover with yellow, orange and mauve cut throughs of viruses. The paper says Fighting HIV and AIDS: How we can win the battle against HIV and AIDS. By Torrin Wilkins, May 29th 2019. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".

Fighting HIV and AIDS: How we can win the battle against HIV and AIDS

The new drug in development to cure HIV which focuses on stunning and then killing the virus is a huge step forwards in medicine. It means that for the first time since the aids outbreak occurred a world free of HIV and Aids is possible. With such a situation possible, the UK government must be prepared to distribute the new drugs. This paper therefore contains a definition of HIV and Aids, looks at their histories, explores the drugs used to treat them and then proposes a plan for distributing the drugs in the UK.

Quick summary

  • Current HIV treatments include PEP and PrEP for before and after someone has been exposed to HIV.
  • Treatments for HIV are being tested such as a shock and kill method for remaining HIV cells.
  • We support a HIV drugs fund, fast tracked NICE approval and a soft Brexit to ensure easy travel if the drug is produced outside the UK.
  • Outside of the UK the UK should work with the World Health Organisation and charitable organisations to distribute any new drug.


Torrin Wilkins

Director and Founder

Torrin founded Centre in 2020. In the role has written numerous papers including one backed by the Gaps in Support APPG which contained 260 MPs. He has also written policies for political parties and appeared on a wide range of media including TV and radio. He has a Political Studies degree from Aberystwyth University.