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Excluded to included

This paper provides solutions for those individuals excluded from the governments income support schemes.

A cover with five photos of people who were excluded. Text: "Excluded to included Briefing paper - Expanding the governments income support schemes By Torrin Wilkins and Janey Little , August 2nd 2020. Centre Think Tank ISSN 2634-4696".

Excluded to Included: Expanding the governments income support schemes

This paper is a collection of our practical policy solutions to including those who have been excluded from the government income support schemes. This is an urgent matter, as the risk of a second COVID-19 wave increases each day. If a second wave hits the UK, it is paramount that we ensure the self-employed are not forgotten and get the support they need.

Quick summary

  • Increase the £50,000 cap on income to £100,000 and then taper off support payments up to £200,000.
  • Scrap the rule the 50% of earnings must come from self-employment to claim under the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.
  • Allow limited companies to include dividends in earnings and let them claim on their turnover if they reinvest their money back into the company.
  • Allow furnished holiday lettings to be counted under the Self Employment Income Support Scheme in the same way that Bed and Breakfasts are.
  • Add into calculations payments any that are given in the form of discretionary commission and PAYE Tronc payments.
  • For employees that have been made redundant or who are new starters, only proof of employment (such as a contract) will be needed.
  • Remove time spent on maternity leave from Self-Employment Income Support Scheme calculations.
  • Accept 2018-2019 tax returns or PAYE payments to include those who are newly self-employed, are freelancers or are on short-term contracts. For Annual PAYE the government should accept PAYE returns from the 20th of April.


Torrin Wilkins

Director and Founder

Torrin founded Centre in 2020. In the role has written numerous papers including one backed by the Gaps in Support APPG which contained 260 MPs. He has also written policies for political parties and appeared on a wide range of media including TV and radio. He has a Political Studies degree from Aberystwyth University.

Janey Little

Janey is a member of the Liberal Democrats and won a British Education Award in 2020.