Protecting the environment

As COP26 a new agreement was passed and it will take real changes to ensure we meet our climate commitments. Thats why we have a plan which includes: investment in renewable energy sources, taxing pollution, allowing new nuclear energy if it uses up nuclear waste and rewilding areas of the UK.

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I’m Torrin Wilkins and I grew up between Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire and it meant I was lucky enough to have nature all around me when I was growing up. Whether it was places like this, whether it was nature reserves, I saw them all, and it made me appreciate how lucky we are to have such an amazing natural world around us but it also made me realise that we need to protect it. That’s why Centre has a plan. It’s a plan to protect our environment and to ensure that we fight climate change. The first part of it is ensuring that we have greener taxes. A green tax system, we tax products that are environmentally harmful, and we use the revenue to actually give money to those companies that are creating environmentally friendly alternatives. That are researching new products that will actually help us to make that change to renewable products and to recyclable products and the other change that we need to do is to ensure we rewild a lot of areas of the UK. We’ve seen already some successful projects where we have rewilded wolves and bears back into the UK. They’ve been fantastic and we need to do some more of it. Not only that but we need to ensure that we create more green spaces, garden cities where people live amongst nature. This is about creating a transformational change in how we view the environment in this country and starting to live with nature, not just against it. So that’s our plan in Centre, that’s what we are going to do and that is why you should support us.