Moving forwards

Torrin speaks about what Centre is and its vision for how the UK can be. He also looks at how we can learn from the Nordic countries in the UK. The video was shot in Aberystwyth on constitution hill, the Aberystwyth beach and the Trefecha suspension bridge.

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We want to unite the left, right and Centre behind some common ideas. We’ve looked to the Nordic countries for inspiration for how to make the UKs political system better and some better ideas for doing politics. We have, out of this, created three main principles. A strong welfare state where our public services have the money they need to function and are structured so that they can be simple and efficient. We want a free-market economy where businesses are more free to do what they want and finally we want a soft Brexit like Norway has in which the UK severs political ties with the European Union but keeps the economic links. We want to learn the lessons from the Nordic countries so that we, as a country, can move forwards.


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