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MD talks about why he joined Centre and why you should join Centre in the North East. Find out more about our North East branch here:

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My name is MD Mominul Hamid, I’m from the North East of England as you can see its lovely weather here. Yes I am the chair of the North East Centre think tank and today I would like to welcome you, all of you to the North East of England. I’m a law student, second year student rep and I have assembly national volunteering award and covid act of kindness award because of the things I do in the North East. The reason why I have joined the Centre think tank, because I believe in change, I believe in accountability, and I also believe that the youth should lead the country. We should be given opportunities, we should be given the chance to show the world that we dream about a good future of this country. So please keep me in your blessings, please keep supporting Centre think tank. I would like to thank all the members of the Centre think tank for supporting me, especially Torrin and others for giving me this encouragement, even though being an asylum seeker in this country I can be apart of it. I can dream about something bigger through this channel, through this organisation, through this think tank and I can think bigger. Come to the North East and the best fish and chips we always have here. Please come and visit me, please come and visit in the North East of England. Thankyou so much and all of you, because its Christmas time, have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful new year and remember, look after yourself, be safe and be there for your community.