Ending the 11+

We support an end to the 11+ exam and the system of grammar schools and secondary moderns. This will ensure every child in these areas has an equal chance to succeed. It will also help students with additional needs or who are on free school meals who would otherwise have little chance of getting into a grammar school. In its place we support community comprehensives where students of all abilities are taught together.

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Hi. I’m Jasneet Samrai and I’m the Deputy Director of Centre and I come from Medway which is an area of the country which uses grammar schools. I’ve first hand seen how broken this system is so I’ve come to North East Hertfordshire today which is an area of the country which has incredibly high social mobility and uses a different schooling system to the one that I’m used to, which is that of a community comprehensive system. Now here, unlike in Medway, students with disabilities are able to go to whatever school they want to, students who are on free school meals can attend any school and the fact is any schooling system should be like the one here. Any pupil, no matter their background, should receive the same chances and this is something that needs to happen across the country. So this is why Centre is pushing for a community comprehensive system for all pupils.