Centre policies in 30 seconds

In this video Torrin and Jasneet try to say as many Centre policies as they can in just 30 seconds.

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Torrin: Hi, I’m Torrin Wilkins the Director of Centre Think Tank.

Jasneet: And I’m Jasneet Samrai, the Deputy Director and today we have something a little different instore for you.

Torrin: We are going to be saying as many policies as we can from Centre Think Tank in just thirty seconds.

Jasneet: So, I guess are you ready?

Torrin: Ready.

Jasneet: I’m going to count us down, set a timer and then off we go. So three, two, one, go.

Torrin: We are going to put workers on company boards.

Jasneet: We are going abolish grammar schools.

Torrin: We are going ensure that all companies have collective bargaining agreements.

Jasneet: We are going to abolish tuition fees.

Torrin: We are going to have a consolidated income tax.

Jasneet: We are going to abolish Baseline Tests and SATs.

Torrin: We are going to create a New NHS umbrella to cover social care and mental health.

Jasneet: We are going to make self-ID free.

Torrin: We are going to have a set of greener taxes to ensure that businesses take care of the environment.

Jasneet: We would like to stop the use of all women’s quotas in politics. And we’re done.

Torrin: There we go, thirty seconds of Centre policies.

Jasneet: Hope you enjoyed and if you would like more of this content then make sure to follow us and like this video