25 policies for progress

We support 195 different policies but here are 26 of the most important.

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25 policies for progress

A community comprehensive school system.

An online education service.

Scrap SATs, Baseline Assessments and reform GCSEs.

Improve Technical courses.

Free higher education.

Simpler taxes and regulations.

Give workers more power.

A fairer voting system.

National. Regional. Local. Three simple layers of government.

A written constitution.

An NHS that covers social care and mental health.

A long-term social care fund.

Tax breaks for environmentally friendly products.

Increase subsidies for cleaner energy sources.

Rewild the UK.

Cap the cost of childcare.

Expand LGBTQ+ rights.

A Guaranteed Minimum Income.

Focus on reforming prisoners.

Focus on treating drug addiction, not punishing it.

Open up to international trade.

A fairer immigration system.

Build more houses

Connecting communities with community hubs.